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The Ultimate PBN Backlink Service

PBN Backlink has been designed from the ground up to be your all in one ranking solution. Each time you post a backlink to our server it is powered up by a bunch of powerful high Trust Flow and high Domain Authority sites sending backlinks to your posted backlink. Each of our powerful PBNs then syndicates out to 100s of web 2.0s for a complete SEO solution.

Our Services

Professional scale PBN solution on demand without any of the hassle or up keep.

Uptime Guarantee

Never worry again about PBN or syndication network down times with PBN Backlink. Each part of our network from the member’s tier 1 point, to supporting PBNs, and all the way to the web 2.0 syndication network is hosted on premium networks with up time protections in place. Each web 2.0 account is checked regularly for up time and should a web 2.0 go down our staff replaces it on the spot. Save your self time and have peace of mind not having to maintain a syndication network while still benefiting from these powerful SEO sources.

Secure Backups

You will never lose a backlink or content posted to PBN Backlink with our regular server wide backups multiple times a week. Multiple copies of backups are kept at off site locations.

Safe & Secure

Each part of the network is built and maintained by search engine optimization professionals with years of experience. Each PBN is set up to have zero foot print hosting and designed to deliver the biggest SEO boost possible. Each PBN has it’s own 4+ tier syndication networks providing over 140 web 2.0s powering up each stage of the service. Metrics and indexing are checked regularly to maintain the highest quality service available.

Dedicated Support

Our dedicated support staff and Facebook community are always standing by to answer any questions that you might have and provide solutions to any problems that might arise.

Our Features

Powerful SEO Ranking Solution At Your Fingertips

All you have to do is post your backlink and we take care of the rest. It’s that simple.

As simple as making a blog post.

Constant backups so you never have to worry about losing a backlink.

Zero foot print hosting with each PBN having it’t own unique IP address (A/B/C class).

Safe and secure network with 100% up time.

Backlinks that actually move you up the SERPs.

Members only training for maximum SEO impact.


Early Access Pricing

Search Engine Optimization

Go viral and fly up the SERPs with PBN Backlink

Powerful Syndication Network

Each backlink you post gets syndicated to a massive multi-tiered PBN and web 2.0s network making you go viral in the eyes of search engines.

Elite Hosting and IP Addresses

Enjoy dedicated hosting spread across the top hosting providers for 100% up time and unique IPs (A/B/C class) for zero footprint backlinks.

Get Found For Keywords

Start getting found for the keywords that best target your business today.

Talk With an Expert to Get Started Today!

We are happy to answer any questions you may have and show you how to get the most from your PBN Backlink service.

Easy To Use

As Simple As Making A Social Media Post

Using PBN Backlink and getting powerful SEO juice is as simple as making a post to a blog or social media.

Choose your keyword

Choose your backlink's URL

Add your content (article)

Click post, that's it

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