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PBN Backlink is proud to bring you the ability to now have powerful ranking abilities on demand! With the launch of our PBN Backlink subscription you get access to our all new exclusive, ever growing PBN backlink and syndication network to bring your backlink needs in house. Each member gets access to our easy to follow training materials in order to ensure everyone gets the maximum benefit when using the service.


This is a monthly subscription service for an active account on our private PBN backlink and syndication network designed specifically for delivering the most powerful SEO juice possible.

Each account is limited in the number of posts they can post each day to maintain the high standards of the network and to prevent abuse.

Each account gets:

  • Access to our most exclusive and powerful network.
  • 1 post per day
  • Permenant PBN links that stay forever – even if you stop your subscription
  • Training Materials
  • Each post is powered up with 10+ (TF 20-33+) PBN backlinks and syndicated out to over 1,000+ web 2.0s

Fly up the Local SERPs in Google with our PBN Backlink service.

At PBN Backlink customer service and communication is #1. We strive for long term clients and not one time customers. We are happy to answer any and all questions.